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Creation of a seating plan
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Remember me. Creation of a seating plan What to do first?

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To start working with TicketTool. Otherwise, it is impossible to create an event.

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We create seating plans free of charge, if you don't need one, you can add venue by yourself. To order a plan, please send a request to our customer support service or just send us a message using the contacts form.

What information to provide? To create a seating plan we need its image, where the arrangement of seats, rows and zones are shown.

Digital Design and Information Studies

This image will be used for creation of an interactive seating plan. The resulting model is the one that will be used as the NET going forward.

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The NET was built to create a ranking system that was as accurate as possible while also evaluating team performance fairly. To ensure fairness, certain types of data were omitted from the model. Of key importance, game date and order were omitted to give equal importance to both early and late-season games.